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Derma XP is the Intelligent DermaBeauty partner, established in the year 2001 to serve customers, cover Dermatologists and general practitioners alike, as well as thousands of apothecaries across Indonesia. Derma XP offers prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) products, all of which are up to date, innovative and high quality. Complete with a delivery system curated by the Research and Development team as a strong response to Indonesia's skin and hair needs.
Derma XP as the “Intelligent DermaBeauty Partner“ is the best choice in providing complete and comprehensive solutions for general practitioners and dermatologists through these 4 pillars of transformation:

1. People Transformation
By further prioritizing relationship, general practitioners and dermatologists alike become our partners through two-way interaction. We believe that communication and understanding leads to optimal service, ultimately fulfilling every need a doctor would have, even better than ever before.

2. Product Invention
Derma XP is commitment to inventing new and innovative high quality products and following market trends through well established delivery systems, is paramount to the success of every client. We deeply thank our RnD teams for this merit.

3. New Access Invention
Through the establishment of the DXP mobile app, all Derma XP products are accessible with more ease, swiftness, and simplicity. Doctors are now able to provide better and more optimal services towards their patients.

4. Brand Transformation
for the very first time, Derma XP not only ensures the success of winning products, but is also highly trusted by doctors due to its commitment in building brand awareness in the eyes of the public to help strengthen its brand. Derma XP products will become highly recommended by doctors and become more easily accepted by patients.
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  • Derma XP is the perfect place for you to begin or add value to your career in the world of beauty and skincare. An opportunity to truly shine, showing your capabilities by creating incredible moments of connection with customers and making a huge difference in their day.
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